- Fifty Shades of Grey

If Ryan stuck his nose in my vaj and huffed in, I would kick him in the head.

That’s gross.

She’s been wearing the same underwear all day and by the amount of times she flushes, I’m thinking that she’s also a pretty heavy sweater.

Next: Stop repeating words. He’s waiting for you to calm, your heart is trying to calm. I get it. Everyone is calm. All your body parts are calm. Calm. Calm, calm, calm.


Last point: Ana doesn’t shave her pits or legs on a regular basis. CAN YOU IMAGINE WHAT HER PUBIC HAIR IS LIKE!?

I… I should be apologizing for the awful Fifty Shades spam, but… But at this point, I’m laughing so hard that my stomach aches. I’m so sorry, world.

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