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I don’t do things like this often, but I know there is legitimate cause for sharing this here -

A very dear friend of my family’s was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She is the mother of a beautiful one year old and her husband (who is also a ridiculously wonderful guy) is worried for his wife’s well-being. We all are. So we want to do anything we can to help.
Although they caught her symptoms early, she begins chemo on Friday and is setting up for a mastectomy and possibly a hysterectomy as well in the near future - their fees are starting at $12,000.
The link leads to a donation page where we’re attempting to round up some cash for her. It’s got a good start, but I know Tumblr is often a legitimate network for helping people in need and I thought why not.
Donate anonymously if you like, or even just share the cause if you can. I won’t yell at you for doing neither, I would only thank you for doing either.

I just want to pay it forward.

(Whisper whisper) I love rearranging furniture. And getting rid of stuff. And making space and living in that space and clearing my desk and oh my god.


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